Your opportunities and options with

SIPPs and personal pensions

The far-reaching changes in pensions legislation in 2015 mean that your SIPP or personal pension now offers greater opportunities, but also makes it even more vital that you seek professional advice on those options.

These changes – which give you much greater control over how and when you take money from your pension, and who you leave your pension fund to on death – have been hailed as ‘the most radical in almost a century’:

  • The twin attractions of tax relief and flexible withdrawal mean that, for many clients, pensions have replaced ISAs as their prime savings vehicle, and
  • The new inheritance rules add another significant incentive.

Never has first-rate advice on pension planning been more necessary!

But as a result there is also greater complexity, despite the Government objective of “pensions simplification” not many years ago.

What you should do now – 3 choices

  1. If you are some years away from taking income, we’d be happy to do a Quick SIPP Review for you. It’s completely free and will immediately identify your SIPP options and any weaknesses in the current arrangement.
  2. Similarly, if you are considering new SIPP contributions now, get in touch and we will consider the best way to deploy this in the context of any existing arrangements.
  3. If you are already taking income, or plan to do so soon, you need our “Income Makeover”. Taking into account all of your assets, including the pension plans, we will identify the range of your income options, and quantify this income potential.

Just click on the link of the choice which is most appropriate to you, or email us from here to begin a conversation.

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