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Brian Dennehy and the team have been working with journalists in the national press, TV and radio since the early 1990s. Every week we contact the media with ideas and feedback. If we are not already in touch with you and you’d like our weekly Press Note, get in touch now!

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We can add value for you through:

  • Speed. You have tight deadlines – we make sure you have what you need to meet them… just ask your colleagues who know us. And we regularly react to breaking news faster than any of our peers:
    • In 2000, when Equitable tumbled we instantly appeared on Sky TV with informed opinion. Our analysis immediately dominated coverage in the national press in the days and weeks ahead.
    • In 2007 the queues, and hysteria, grew outside Northern Rock. In contrast Brian Dennehy cooly queued up to put money in, to highlight that the Government would offer guarantees – they did, that evening.
    • In 2009 panic grew over corporate bond funds. We quickly produced our detailed research, launched “Bond Watch”, and highlighted the extraordinary potential – huge gains followed for our clients and those reading our regular analysis in the media.
    • When Anthony Bolton announced his exit from Fidelity Special Situations in 2013, we were first to provide comprehensive research on alternatives – within 48 hours.
  • Campaigning. Our unique research capability enables us to campaign on issues vital for UK investors. For example, our Vintage Fund Research, which revealed the mediocrity prevalent in the performance of much of the investment management industry.
  • Seeing things differently. All too often the investment industry is wedded to a single view. We are always prepared to go against prevailing opinion where appropriate…
  • For example, in the summer of 2012, when the media and analysts were unremittingly gloomy about China. We said it was cheap and should be bought – we were right.
  • And in December 2015, with new gloom over commodities, we published analysis highlighting the historical opportunity in gold mining funds (even though we were historically far from being gold enthusiasts) – our favoured fund was up over 50% in a small number of months (as others began to jump on board, late in the day).

If you don’t receive our weekly Press Note, ask for your copy now.