Market update: China, Trump, and Cyber Conflict

Surprisingly for us, one of the most popular blogs last year was the one which had a heavy emphasis on the risk of cyber war. The issue of cyber security has moved more into the [...]

2018 – “Peak Year”

It has been a crazy year, but certainly not catastrophic. Reflecting on 2018 I couldn’t move beyond the idea of “peaks”.  It’s always dangerous to call even one peak – the scope for egg on [...]

From Emperor Trump to Lewisham East via Qingdao

It has been a fascinating week across a range of largely political rather than investment issues.  But the political back-drop continues to cast a big light on the investment outlook.  Here’s a ramble around the [...]

Market comment PLUS TopFunds Guide out now

Stock market investors have had a lot a volatility to deal with already this year, which we explore here.  But there are still opportunities (which we consider in the latest TopFunds Guide, 28th edition, due [...]

Market comment August 2014

Last month there was a media fanfare when UK GDP exceeded its peak in 2007. Does it matter? And what's going on in the rest of the world? PS if you haven't had your copy [...]

Market Commentary: PLUS TopFunds Guide available now

The latest TopFunds Guide is available now. Do email back for your copy.  Below we cover the growing conflict over the market outlook, "Battle For Supremacy: Puritans vs Cavaliers" Even if you didn’t study the English [...]

Market commentary: January 2014

SUMMARY Headline writers are getting into a tizzy. Markets have tumbled in recent days and it is all the fault of China, Turkey or some other emerging market. But the real problems are closer to [...]

Market news: October 2013

SUMMARY.  This month we’re looking at bad behavior, confidence and market valuations. And why UK investors MUST pay attention to the US, albeit not the news headlines about the US. The key points are: Investors [...]

Market commentary: September 2013

SUMMARY. Beware the tendency to optimism.We fail to see a crisis in advance, but when we look back it falls into the “bleeding obvious” category. Here we consider how this manifests itself now, and how [...]

Market commentary: July 2013

SUMMARY. June was an uncomfortable month for markets. The US central bank announced it would begin reducing money printing one day (hardly contreversial) and confidence was badly shaken. Here we consider the issue of confidence, [...]