Market Update: Squalls Just Ahead, Calm Beyond

7th October 2020 Like the sailor with a clear destination and route map, successful advisers and investors must adapt to storms along the way. As you already know, we saw the growing storm clouds before [...]

Market Comment: Autumn No Time To Relax

7th September 2020 Last time we started with the question: What happens when governments stop the emergency support for their economies? e.g. furlough schemes and cheap loans. Well the dreaded Autumn has arrived, and with [...]

Market update:  Our poor old brains

Friday 3rd April, 2020   It has been a relatively quiet week in markets, even though there have been some very sad and continuing fatalities, plus nasty economic numbers. This week I am bringing you [...]

Market update: Still too much complacency

Monday 30th March, 2020   On the Friday before Black Monday in 1987 we were only stopped from selling the great bulk of our advisory client holdings because an unofficial Bank Holiday was declared – [...]

Market update: Shining a light

I hate to start with a non-investment matter but it is impossible to avoid the coronavirus issue. If you and yours are thinking about having a beer in the pub this weekend, or going to [...]

Market update: Trump can’t conjure away the virus

A month ago we would have been looking forward to a bit of a fall in markets – it’s healthy, and creates opportunities to buy a bit more cheaply.  It was early days for the [...]

Understanding Dementia

Being diagnosed with dementia can be a lonely and worrying time, not to mention a huge shock for family members too. It’s an increasingly widespread illness, with the Alzheimer’s Society projecting that the number of [...]

How to save in your 20s

Let’s face it, it’s one of the last things we think about when we’re in our 20s. Maybe it’s the job that I do that has made me realise the importance of saving. Or maybe [...]

Market Update: UK investment after the election

In the wake of the UK election, and the removal of some uncertainty from the domestic landscape, the UK does now look more attractive for investment. Investing across the electoral cycle, that is the next [...]

Watch out! Watch out! There are scammers about!

How safe are your passwords? Did you know that in Nigeria, email scammers are admired by many, who believe they provide a role model for young people, given the scammers’ skill in removing [...]