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Market commentary December 2008

SUMMARY.   The news flow has been poor, and will continue to be for some months. But there are early signs of stability, from stock markets, mortgage applications, and the growing consciousness that the cost of living [...]

Market commentary November 2008

SUMMARY   Wow. It had everything. An October that was the worst ever for some stock markets, but also contained the largest daily gains ever. A US legislator that didn’t think avoiding financial Armageddon was sufficient [...]

Market commentary October 2008

SUMMARY.  In September 2008 a relatively straightforward downturn in the real economy met a deeply intensifying banking crisis. A breathtaking month. The extreme turbulence has continued into October. Here we review what went on (as briefly [...]

A world without Ben Bernanke

The credit crunch is something of a myth beyond the narrow financial world where its effects have a real impact. Yet this last week we were able to peek into an ugly parallel world where [...]

Market commentary September 2008

SUMMARY.  Action to nationalise the two US mortgage giants was another encouraging initiative by US authorities to shore up financial markets. But the global economic downturn triggered by the inflation shock this year (not the [...]

Market commentary Summer 2008

TopFunds Guide latest edition is now available. You can reply to this email to order a copy, or get in touch with your usual point of contact. This is a short interim market commentary, as [...]

Market commentary July 2008

In January this year we asked “When can we expect persistently more buyers than sellers, because that is all we need for the market to make sustainable progress?”. We would not over-stress using technical analysis, [...]

Market commentary June 2008

A fascinating month, and an encouraging one for those of us not inclined to hysteria in prior months.  Where it was assumed that the US was already in recession, now it is regarded as a [...]

Market commentary May 2008

SUMMARY. The "credit crunch" is covered by the media every day, but few attempt a definition. Yet, by definition, it is arguable that there has been no credit crunch. It might not be like the [...]

Market commentary April 2008

US house prices have been falling now for 17 months, the downtrend having got underway some time prior to the "credit crunch" which began to unfold last Summer. Now US houses are looking good value, [...]