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Monthly commentary July 2010

SUMMARY  Markets have stabilised a bit in recent days, which is to be welcomed and provides some respite. But it is no time to relax, and the newsflow has been very poor. Nonetheless you can [...]

Monthly commentary: reduce corporate bonds

SUMMARY Signs of stress in markets, some subtle, continue to build. Action in May hints at trouble ahead for some corporate bond funds, and there are three in this bulletin out of which we suggest [...]

Interim investment commentary: sell and reduce risk now

SUMMARY As events have unfolded this week, both in Greece and beyond, the balance of risk and reward has altered and we believe it is prudent to reduce your stock market exposure now, and switch [...]

Interim investment commentary – Greece, a symptom of bigger problems

SUMMARY. Perhaps you're already swamped with comment about Greece. But it appears to us that many commentators are far too relaxed, haven't considered the problem in its proper historical context, and have had little or [...]

Market commentary April 2010

SUMMARY. There is no denying that the UK stock market remains in a clear uptrend. Although the UK election creates uncertainty, it is only of passing interest to the stock market, which has bigger concerns [...]

Market commentary March 2010

SUMMARY. The UK stock market has performed better than many others over the last month, including the likes of China and India. Can it last? Plus corporate bonds continue to make money, despite pronounced volatility [...]

Market commentary January 2010

SUMMARY.  After a remarkable couple of years we enter a year of transition, the hope being growing evidence of a self-sustaining recovery (i.e. not reliant on Government support). The range of possible outcomes is wide [...]

Market commentary November 2009

SUMMARY. Last month we suggested taking profits, now uncertainty is clearly creeping in. Yet the dark clouds hide a more encouraging future, less reliant on extraordinary levels of debt which create only the mirage of [...]

Market commentary October 2009

SUMMARY.  A variety of indicators suggest that you should be taking profits in some areas, and re-balancing towards others where there is obviously more value, or outstanding long term growth potential. Back in August we [...]

Market commentary September 2009

Last month we highlighted that small caps had been a bit sluggish since May compared to FTSE 100 index. Well in the supposedly quiet month of August smaller companies fairly took off, up 17% compared [...]