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Market commentary May 2012

SUMMARY There is bad news and (for a change) quite a bit of good news. Our analysis suggests that stock markets are about to break down to levels representing significant buying opportunities. Unfolding events in [...]

Market commentary, April 2012

SUMMARY. As with the same time last year, stock markets have risen in tandem with enthusiastic headlines proclaiming economic recovery, only for reality to rudely interrupt.  Markets are now beginning to roll over and down, [...]

Market commentary February 2012

SUMMARY. The markets have had a decent rally since the lows last October, spurred by vast money-printing by the world's central banks. But recent history suggests it is no more than another giant sticking plaster, [...]

Monthly commentary December 2011

SUMMARY. Did you spot the headlines last week on co-ordinated action by the world’s central banks to help the eurozone? This was not a solution, but it has bought a bit of time for politicians. [...]

Monthly commentary – November 2011

SUMMARY The outcome of eurozone summit last week was merely disappointing rather than apocalyptic. Markets bounced strongly. But don't hold your breath, it's already unravelling. October was a fascinating month. A bounce of 18% in [...]

Monthly commentary October 2011

SUMMARY  George Soros blames the markets for the woes of indebted economies, but the reality is that the world (at least a large part of it) has fundamentally changed, and markets and economies are going through [...]

Monthly commentary September 2011

SUMMARY  Markets have been unfolding much as we expected. The worst of the Eurozone crisis lies ahead, and the global implications of that alone can undermine whatever Obama and his merry men might conjure up [...]

Monthly commentary August 2011

SUMMARY  The UK stock market is headed towards our target of 4800 as we write, and the global markets are falling in tandem. It is time to start building a shopping list as outstanding opportunities [...]

Market commentary July 2011

SUMMARY Gerry Adams, Martine Le Pen, and a Greek colonel. Is this Trichet's destiny? Political risk is rising and dangerous. European banks can cope with defaults by Greece, Ireland and Portugal, so say a raft [...]

Market commentary June 2011

SUMMARY The global economy has developed a sinking feeling in recent weeks, right on cue for the Titanic anniversary. But there will be outstanding opportunities for those that are patient. The 100th anniversary of the [...]