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Market comment: What Drives Markets

Though the headlines screamed "China", they mostly missed the reality of what is driving (and will continue to drive) markets. Here we explore that bigger picture. As we said would happen months ago, once the [...]

Market comment: Volatility Grows

Volatility in financial markets is growing. Here are pointers on where there is still value or a strong supporting trend. P.S. The latest TopFunds Guide is available shortly, and has more detail on this and [...]

Unsettling Trends

The EU is the world's biggest economic block, so their problems are our problems in the UK - even if the UK leaves the EU.  Here we explore some unsettling political trends from the last [...]

It’s all about confidence

SUMMARY. The first quarter of 2015 was fascinating. In stock market terms Japan was the star, closely followed by Europe. In contrast real world economic indicators out of the US are not great, but markets [...]

Market comment PLUS TopFunds Guide out now

Stock market investors have had a lot a volatility to deal with already this year, which we explore here.  But there are still opportunities (which we consider in the latest TopFunds Guide, 28th edition, due [...]

Market comment August 2014

Last month there was a media fanfare when UK GDP exceeded its peak in 2007. Does it matter? And what's going on in the rest of the world? PS if you haven't had your copy [...]

Market Commentary: PLUS TopFunds Guide available now

The latest TopFunds Guide is available now. Do email back for your copy.  Below we cover the growing conflict over the market outlook, "Battle For Supremacy: Puritans vs Cavaliers" Even if you didn’t study the English [...]

SPECIAL: Should you buy new Woodford fund?

The Woodford Myth – should you buy into it? Is the launch of the new Neil Woodford fund more as marketing phenomenon than an amazing investment opportunity?  Should you get on the bandwagon? There are [...]

Market commentary: January 2014

SUMMARY Headline writers are getting into a tizzy. Markets have tumbled in recent days and it is all the fault of China, Turkey or some other emerging market. But the real problems are closer to [...]

Market news: October 2013

SUMMARY.  This month we’re looking at bad behavior, confidence and market valuations. And why UK investors MUST pay attention to the US, albeit not the news headlines about the US. The key points are: Investors [...]