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Brexit Trade Facts: Hot Air And The Mole Hill

Is trade THE killer issue? Claim and counter claim has certainly sown confusion,which is a great pity. We wanted to explore the facts and were surprised by the real numbers and the facts about the [...]

Of Brexit and icebergs

We can’t avoid the Brexit referendum, as it is dominating both the front pages and business pages. This is a personal view. Anyone who tells you that they know what will happen in the UK [...]

People are angry

People are angry. This is what polls tell us throughout the developed world. This dissension has allowed Trump and Saunders to emerge in the US; a raft of more extreme left and right wing politicians [...]

Is Jamaica or Iran to your taste?

It's not an easy time to make money in mainstream stock markets. Yet the returns from frontier emerging markets have been positive over the last 6 months, in contrast to the UK stock market. Are [...]

Travel notes: What I learned from Castro

In a break from tradition (i.e. an investment theme) here is a personal note from Brian Dennehy on his travels, as requested by one client – though we’re still not sure if that is because [...]

Budget Comment: ISA boost, pension plans damned

For a small number of years it has been clear to us that the Government was laying the ground for an effective abolishing of pension plans as now understood, with ISAs to be the replacement [...]

Market comment: Crisis Of Faith?

Doubts are growing as to the ability of central banks to maintain the stability of the world economy and investment markets. Does it matter? Regular readers might recall that a small number of years ago [...]

Market comment: Opportunities Growing

The markets have fallen sharply, they might fall more sharply than they already have (5,000 is an obvious target for FTSE 100), and there are swirling geopolitical risks, and scary headlines.  So some bad news, [...]